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Auto Financing in Paw Paw, MI, and Ostego, MI

When people come to Car Zone Sales to buy a vehicle we understand that they are making a significant investment. As a family owned and operated business, we appreciate our customer’s business and feel an obligation to provide them with the best service possible. That is why our experienced and knowledgeable financing team is always available. We want every customer that drives off of our lot to be completely satisfied and comfortable with the price they paid for their new vehicle, which is why we offer a six-month, 7,500-mile warranty on all of our cars.

Financing Options

When customers come to Car Zone Sales, they can always drive away in a reliable and affordable vehicle. Whether the customer has bad credit or no credit history at all, our team can work with them to find a financing option that is best suited to their budget, credit history, and vehicle of choice. We are also proud to announce that customers can now make loan payments through our website, or set up automatic payments for their auto loan. This service is available 24/7, making the payment process more efficient and simpler for our customers. For customers who are unsure of the type of loan they might qualify for, we offer a pre-approval credit application. We strongly encourage all of our prospective customers to fill out this application, as it will mean less time doing paperwork for the buyer. Customers who are pre-approved will be able to have a comprehensive list of vehicles that comfortably fits their budget.

Application Process

Filling out the credit application is fast and easy. Customers will simply need to input some basic information, such as name, address, phone number or email, birthdate, and social security number. The application will ask for the customer’s income and total monthly expenses. Within minutes of completing the application, customers will have an answer. People who are pre-approved will be able to complete the vehicle purchasing process much more quickly than those who do not.

To find out more about our financing options, or to speak to a member of our financing team, customers can contact us today.

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